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What the Community Council Elections are all about


Community Councils exist to represent the views of local people to the council and other public organisations working in the area.


They come up for election every three years but if the number of nominations is not greater than the number of vacancies (12 in our case) then no vote takes place and the nominees are elected automatically.


A record 19 candidates are standing this year. This is the first real Community Council election (i.e. One with actual voting!) that Kinghorn has seen in over ten years.


Your Ballot papers should already have arrived in the post. This also includes a list of candidates and candidates statements.


We’ve gone one better here and put their mug-shots on too!


Why voting makes a difference


This is a rare chance to choose who you want to represent your views on the Community Council - the first chance we’ve had in over 10 years.


There is a wide choice of candidates - many of them are already active in the community and over half of them have never served in the Community Council before.


Take a look through the full list of candidates here!

Latest Election News!