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Community Council Newsletter - Which one did you get?

A rarer sight than than Halleys Comet, the highly controversial Community Council election newsletter should have landed on your doormat by now. But why are there three different versions of it?


The first version of the Community Council election newsletter was published following a decision taken at their August meeting to “Compile an election newsletter to inform folk and publicise the work of the Community Council."



In September, newsletter version 1 was printed and distributed to 500 homes in Kinghorn. This back page of the newsletter contained the headline:


“Community Councillors seeking re-election.

Please give your continuing support to:


This was followed by a list all of the current community council members. There was no mention that any other candidates were standing.


Following a number of complaints, Fife Council advised the Community Council to change the wording of the newsletter before distributing any more. And so, version 2 was born - with the offending text changed to


“The outgoing Community Councillors are:”


“We encourage Community Councils to keep people informed, but this newsletter went a wee bit too far ...”, said a representative from Fife Council Law and Admin.



Meanwhile, eyebrows had also been raised about another paragraph on the front page of the newsletter, which read:


“We work closely with local groups - the School, Loch Users Group, Gala Committee, Harbour Residents, Kinghorn in Bloom, etc.”


At least one of the groups listed objected to this paragraph, saying, "... we have never worked on anything together!" - and after a bit of a debate, the Community Council agreed to change the newsletter, which now reads:


“Several members of the public also assist the Community Council by taking part in our interest and work groups (such as the pathways group, Viewpoint Project and Common Good)”



As far as I know there are no more versions, but if you see one then please let me know!


Since this is all presumably being paid for out of Community Council Funds, I emailed them to ask how much all of this is costing, but, at the time of writing, neither the Chairman, the Secretary or the Treasurer seem to have the answer to hand.


If I find out then I’ll let you know too.