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Community Council Election Results

Your New Community Council ...

After some spirited campaigning and a very high turnout, the 2010 Elections have produced a new-look Community Council with a full compliment of 12 councillors - including 8 serving for the first time!

Congratulations to the successful candidates - and commiserations to the ones that didn’t get in this time around.


As a member of Kinghorn in Bloom, with aims to raise civic pride, I would bring this value to the Community Council. Kinghorn has a great| sense of community, with huge potential and possibilities for partnerships. We just need to look at the big picture!

Aphra Wilson - 494 votes *

Having lived in Kinghorn for 13 years I feel I can offer to contribute to the Community Council. I have a young family and am in regular contact with a very wide cross section of the community - from young to old. I am Chairwoman of Kinghorn in Bloom - enjoying community work!

Suzanne Gilfeather - 572 votes *

I’d like to see this town improve slowly and sustainably with everyone in the Community on board and contributing to its success. We’re lucky to have something special here and change should be considered carefully well in advance. Ongoing projects like the Julian Memorial Hall need more support.

Mick McMillan - 312 votes *

I’d like to support all the fantastic work that’s going on around town.
Kinghorn’s a wonderful place overflowing with character - lets keep it that way! Kinghorn Children’s Gala, The Ecology Centre, Kinghorn in Bloom and others need community support. Our community should be clean, safe and welcoming for all.

Sarah Scott - 344 votes *

Gained a wide knowledge of general problems during my varied career. Army 3½ years; Fire Service 38½ years; Councillor Burntisland 8 years; Councillor Kinghorn 8 years; Community Council 3 years. Plus a good administrative and local government background. I would like to serve another term! If successful would endeavour to attain the  “best” for Kinghorn and its constituents.

Fraser Ballantyne - 597 votes

Photograph and Election statement removed by request.

Marilyn Edwards - 483 votes

I have lived in Kinghorn for 45 years with my family and grandchildren who live locally. This gives me a broad base to represent points of view. I am retired now and would like to continue serving the community as I have done for the last 9 years.

Collett Salvona - 512 votes (Photograph removed by request)


Photograph and Election statement removed by request.

Laurina Wallace - 461 votes

Having been on the Footpaths Committee, helping to establish all the paths as Rights of Way, I would like to build on this work by being a Kinghorn Community Councillor and help improve the village environment.

Mike Gilbert - 381 votes * (No photograph available)

Aspiring ‘Horner’, council worker, coastguard, ex-lifeboat, parents association, youth worker. Kinghorn’s magical. I enjoy hugely our clubs, ceilidhs, community life. I believe passionately in our community’s voice to manage our town, whilst respecting each others views . Our new Community Council should listen, learn, do. Kinghorn together - best for all.

Chris Mitchell - 489 votes *

Link to election leaflet

I would be delighted to serve on Kinghorn Community Council. I have over 20 years experience managing voluntary organisations, projects and Council services. I am an active member of the Kinghorn community, having volunteered with the Community Centre, Youth Club, High School Parent  Community Group and the Ecology Centre.

Liz Mitchell - 421 votes *

Link to election leaflet

My family and I (including 2 lively bairns and 2 hens ....!) love living here. My job is about making communities better places - I will help do the same here. I’m involved with several local groups, and think that by working together we can make Kinghorn an even better place!

Ewan Campbell - 364 votes *

Link to election leaflet

Dawn Robertson - 311 votes *
Alec Cook - 308 votes
James Willis - 269 votes
Alec Gibb - 263 votes
Sadie Wilson - 261 votes
Marty Melvyn - 259 votes
Nick Farr - 222 votes *



* Candidate standing for the first time

The other candidates were ...


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