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The Arts.


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Ah - Theatre!


The smell of the greasepaint - the lure of the limelight.

I happen to know that there are a few practicing thespians in our midst - hopefully we won’t have to wait until the next Kinghorn panto to hear from them!


Are you a bit Arty?

Do you like the arts?


Well, you’ve come to the right place!


The Creative Writing and Photography sections are now up and running!


This section of YourKinghorn.com will also feature music from local performers, art, and perhaps even a little theatre and film. If you do any of these things, or anything else in a creative vein for that matter then feel free to drop me a line!




Kinghorn Writers

Think you can’t write?  


Of course you can - in fact everyone can - just stop thinking you can’t! So why not put pen to paper (or mouse to mouse mat) and have a go.


... and when you’re done, send it in!


Meanwhile, and to whet your appetite, why not browse through some of Kinghorn’s finest poetry and prose.


Every now and again, we’ll have a feature on something or somebody involved in the arts locally ...


I have a few people in my sights already - but I’m always happy to take suggestions!

Focus on...

Kinghorn’s a great place to wave a camera around in - and you don’t have to be a technical genius to get some great pictures!


Check out the Photography Section for some great pictures and galleries from local photographers


Send in your own pictures too for instant fame!

Kinghorn Photography

Kinghorn boasts a number of highly talented local artists. They exhibit widely, and many of them give lessons.

I hope to feature some of them here soon, but here’s a taster to keep you going meantime.


We have a lively music scene here too. Check this section in the not too distant future for information on local bands and musicians.


Meanwhile, if you’re in a band - or are even a home enthusiast then why not drop me a line and let me know what you’ve been up to?


Lights, camera, action!!


The advent of inexpensive digital technology and editing software has meant that almost anyone can make a video nowadays - even me!


Watch this space :)