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News - Travellers Ejected from  Kinghorn Loch Site

Klingons off the starboard bow ...

At the Emergency Kinghorn Community Council Meeting on the 6th August, a number of complaints against the travellers (collated by Councillor Ron Edwards) were read out. These were:


Destroying trees on private property

Gathering Cockles at Pettycur Bay

Blocking a public right of way

Allowing their dogs to bark and roam freely

Various hygiene and public health issues


Since the travellers had not been informed that the meeting was taking place, they had no opportunity to put their side of the story. Fortunately a member of the local police who was at the meeting had been following developments closely and was able to reassure the Community Council that all of the complaints made had been fully investigated but that the people concerned had committed no offences. They also appeared to have complied with all requests made of them - including tying up one of their dogs who was said to have scared one local dog-walker half to death.


Despite cautionary noises from the local police about the need for emergency access, the Community Council are now investigating the possibility of asking the owners of the land to erect a permanent barrier to prevent vehicles over a certain size from accessing this area.


So, with the case for the prosecution looking distinctly shaky,  what was all the fuss about?


I decided to pop round and have a chat with the travellers to get their side of the story.



A small group of travellers who had set up camp at Kinghorn Loch have left the site after they were served with an eviction notice.


Before they left, and following an “Emergency Meeting” of the Kinghorn Community Council, I popped round to see what all the fuss was about.



It’s Journalism Jim, but not as we know it ...

Ok, well, I have to admit here that I’m almost as useless at navigation as I am at journalism - so the first thing I managed to do was to get quite lost. I ended up walking for miles in the pouring rain until I finally arrived, soaked, at the little site that they had established near the car-park on the north side of the loch. There were two caravans, a blue van and a tent with a rickety little stove just inside the entrance. A harmless white Scottie dog wandered up to me and sniffed my muddy boots while another (presumably bigger) dog barked a few times from inside one of the caravans.


The people there consisted of two sisters and their incredibly ancient and frail grandmother. I think there may have been a couple of brothers too - but they weren't about at the time. I gave them some fruit that I’d brought along, introduced myself and asked them how they all were. Since it had been raining solidly for two days, everything was miserably damp, they had no dry firewood and were running short of dry clothes too (The stuff on their improvised washing line had no chance of ever being dry).


I told them about the meeting and some of the complaints that had been made against them. None of this seemed in the least bit surprising to them as they explained wearily that they encounter resistance pretty much everywhere they go and get blamed for all sorts of things. As it turned out, they had already been served with an eviction notice that morning and were planning to disappear once one or two minor medical issues had been taken care of. I asked them if there was anything they needed meantime and promised to return in a day or so. Sadly, when I went round two nights later with three heavy bags of essential supplies, they had already left. Even more sadly, I had to carry all the stuff I’d brought all the way back home!



This is a tough subject and people obviously feel strongly about it. Some feel that the travellers intruded where they weren’t wanted and made life difficult for local people as a result. Others think we should be more understanding.


Anyway, It’s all about what you think - feel free to comment in the shout box.

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