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News - Kinghorn Artists Exhibition

The 6th Annual Kinghorn Artists exhibition was held from 26th July to 3rd August at the Community Centre and featured the work of nine talented local artists.


John Alexander, Douglas Gray, Lynette Gray, Catherine Lindow, Conchita McLachlan, Ian McLeod, Kenny Munro and Carole Robinson


I just made the last day of the exhibition after getting back from holiday the previous day. I’m  really glad I did - some of this stuff is amazing!

High-Five by Carole Robinson

I really liked this one. In fact I really liked it so much that I bought it! (I’m now waiting for a snotty letter from my bank telling me I’m overdrawn again.)


Kenny Munro’s work is remarkable - the stuff of museums and major galleries - and we’re really lucky to be able to see it locally.

(I wouldn’t like to have to cart it around though - it looks really heavy!)

He has a web site too - take a look!


I knew Douglas Grey already too - but again had absolutely no idea that he was a successful artist.

I find his paintings and prints particularly lively, engaging and exciting to look at. Here we have his “Below the Bridge” - which I like rather a lot.


One of Les McConnel’s paintings from the exhibition. I spent ages gawping at this and I must admit, I still find it slightly unnerving!

Les explained that a lot of people are disturbed by the amount of cutlery that finds its way into his work!

I had the pleasure of attending Conchita McLachlan’s graduate exhibition at the Edinburgh college of art a few years ago. She’s working on a grander scale now, but still with the lovely warm colours and textures of her native Spain.

Ian McLeod used to build ships. His paintings and sculptures all have something of the sea about them - and a real feeling of history and having been there.


This painting by John Alexander makes you feel like you’re actually on the boat - watching the squabbling gulls against the backdrop of the Bass Rock.

(at lease I assume it’s the Bass Rock!)

Catherine Lidow - Artist and illustrator extraordinairre. Her wonderfully off-beat views of Kinghorn were a particular highlight for me.

Here I find her painstakingly applying gold-leaf to one of her latest projects.


I already knew Lynette Gray slightly before the exhibition - but I had no idea that she painted - and absolutely no idea that she did it so well - which just goes to show.

I really liked Lynette’s subtle and beautifully studied garden scenes too - you just fall right into them.