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Adopt a Beach Scheme

Adopt a Beach

Kinghorn Harbour Beach has been Adopted under the Marine Conservation Society’s Adopt a Beach Scheme.
We undertake beach cleans every three months recording what litter we find. The data from these events are recorded and analysed. The MCS then produce a report on their findings.
Beachwatch Spring-Clean - Sunday 18th January 2009

A dozen or so volunteers braved the January chill to scour the beach for litter. In addition to the usual finds of discarded cigarette butts, plastic cups and polyethylene, some larger items turned up.

Join in the fun and games at Coolseas

There are lots of excellent things for our younger enthusiasts to see and do on the Marine Conservation Society’s excellent Coolseas website.
Rubbish pollutes our beaches and entangles marine life.

Always put rubbish in a bin or take it home.
Turn the tide on litter!

Keep an eye on the local notices (and this page!) for upcoming events.

Email Carol for further information.
The MCS publish their Good Beach Ratings each year.

See their ratings for Pettycur and Kinghorn Harbour beaches here.
Good Beach Guide
Here we can see one of our intrepid volunteers grappling with a 5’ square piece of polystyrene. As she careered wildly up the beach, I just about heard her shout “I’ll have to tack against the wind to get it back to Carol”.